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What if your best intentions are causing your child more harm than good?

By Dr. Liguori  April 23, 2013

ChildAll great parents want what’s best for their kids. I think all would agree that excellent health is a top priority for their child. If not in good health, all else suffers. Because so many parents feel this way, they make their children eat healthy food, get a good night’s sleep, and even give them a daily multivitamin to support their child’s growth. I applaud parents that do this for their children. Since childhood involves rapid growth of so many body processes, supporting good health is crucial to proper development. But what if your best intentions are causing more harm than good? Clearly, adequate sleep and healthy eating are a no brainer, but what about that children’s multivitamin?

It’s important to know that vitamin supplements are not regulated by the FDA. Vitamin companies can make whatever claim they want to on their bottles without having to answer to any authority. This is a real problem, especially when what’s inside that bottle goes into your body. There are so many vitamins on the market that don’t contain adequate nutrients, the proper type of nutrients, and even contain additives such as food coloring and aluminum (a neurotoxin, by the way) that can actually do harm to the body. Unfortunately, this is also the case for your child’s multivitamin. When it comes to vitamin supplements, you get what you pay for and it’s worth investing in something better for your child’s health. So, instead of being drawn into the gimmicky vitamin that looks like a dinosaur or some other animal, first ask yourself if this product is actually safe for your child.

At our office, we work with trusted supplement companies who we know provide a quality product. These companies pay for third party evaluators to come into their manufacturing facilities to ensure that their products are safe and won’t do harm to their consumers. In my opinion, this is an essential piece when deciding on a good supplement. Without first having this stamp of approval, I would not recommend taking the supplement at all.

If you are a parent who gives their child a daily vitamin or is even considering it, please take a minute and think about the quality of the supplement you are giving to them. Our chewable multivitamin by Metagenics is high quality and contains no additives that may do bodily harm to your child. It even contains a natural orange flavor to make it more appealing!


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