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Read This if You Take a Statin Drug!- The Benefits of CoQ10

By Dr. Liguori  April 30, 2013

CoQ10February is heart health month and to celebrate, I have decided to do a write up about CoQ10. CoQ10 is a supplement that has generally grown in popularity in the past decade. While this is a good thing, I find that many people aren’t really sure of what CoQ10 actually is and why they should be taking it. Well, here is your explanation!

CoQ10 is a chemical compound known also known as Ubiquinone and is naturally made by your body. In fact, CoQ10 is found in every cell of the body and is necessary to create the body’s energy. Because muscle cells require more energy, CoQ10 is found in even higher amounts. And what is the body’s hardest working muscle? The heart, of course! Because the heart never stops beating, CoQ10 is found in the highest concentrations in heart muscle cells to keep it running smoothly.

The importance of CoQ10 for heart energy is why I highly recommend it for people with heart problems. In addition, individuals who suffer from general chronic fatigue may also benefit from this supplement, as it is a great way to increase energy production. Finally, if an individual is taking a statin drug (a cholesterol lowering medication, such as Lipitor), I strongly recommend supplementing with CoQ10. Let me explain why.

When cholesterol is made in the body, it is made in a series of steps that require chemical reactions. At step one of this process, there is an enzyme that is required to make the chemical change happen. Statin drugs simply block this enzyme from working and ultimately stop the production of more cholesterol. Outside of the fact that this is a harmful process (as every cell in the body REQUIRES cholesterol to function), it is also blocking the production of CoQ10. You see, down that production line a few steps is a fork in the road: One road that produces cholesterol and one road that produces CoQ10. Therefore, by blocking step one you are actually blocking both processes. This is a very unfortunate fact because without CoQ10 production, the heart loses its energy production! How ironic that a medication designed to lower cholesterol can actually do more damage to the heart, not to mention other parts of the body. So when you see those Lipitor ads which list side effects of muscle damage, angina, kidney failure, and abnormal heart rhythm (a few of more than 70 possible side effects!), this may explain why.

CoQ10 is a great supplement to increase energy for both the heart and the body in general. For those who already are dealing with cardiovascular issues or taking a cholesterol lowering medication, I hope you will strongly consider supplementing with this product.


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