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Brown Chiropractic - New Office Coming Soon and Some Strategies for Dealing with Stress

By Rebecca Brown  May 15, 2007

As some of you may know already, we have just purchased a beautiful new building on the Royal River right here in Yarmouth. So, I figured this would be a great time to start a blog on stress! … and the techniques I used to manage it. Yes, even very positive change can trigger a stress response. You can follow my blogs for the progression of my journey to create for you a warm, inviting, and inspiring space, to support your progression toward the most optimal health!

As you might imagine, there has been a lot to do. Even before the purchase, a lot of curve balls were thrown at us. My husband, John Connolly, and I started negotiations in March, and didn’t complete the purchase until just before Thanksgiving! Ultimately, John’s firm, Connolly Financial Services, will occupy most of the first floor of the building. Brown Chiropractic will occupy most of the second floor - with the river views!

Throughout this prolonged process, there has been a seemingly steady stream of stressful occurrences to manage. You may have heard from me once or twice that a state of prolonged stress is very damaging to the body! So, I have had opportunity lately to implement some of the stress-release techniques that I have shared with many of you in the past.

One great technique I learned decades ago from my dear friend Dale Carnegie. Ok, I never actually met him, but I did make good friends with his book “How to Stop Worrying and Start Living” when I was still in my 20’s. Several of his techniques I have used ever since. They have stood the test of time.

One of my favorites of Carnegie’s techniques is a 4 step process. First, decide what would be the worst that could happen. Second, accept it and determine that you could survive it. Third, outline how exactly you would. Fourth, proceed to take steps to make that outcome less and less likely. The final step becomes so much easier once you have determined that you will be ok no matter what. Every step you take to make it less likely is now a bonus.

Frequently, anxiety comes from an unidentified threat, a sort of fear of the unknown. Horror movies use this. We are not frightened of an identified thing, but rather frightened just because we don’t know what the thing is that might unexpectedly jump out at us. Once we precisely name our fear, it does not scare us as much. Once we come up with a plan on how we would deal with it, we can relax. This makes it so much easier to work on managing the situation before us.

This can work on our worry of even the most extreme hardships imaginable. With some thinking, you can realize you could handle just about anything. When you think about it, there is probably nothing that could happen to you that a human being before you has not already lived through.

In the end, the worst that could happen almost never does, but frequently we still suffer the unnecessary worry of it, and unfortunately, the ill health consequences of that worry. Try this process on paper. It’s so simple, and it really works. If you are a chronic worrier, I highly recommend Carnegie’s book. You can probably find this easy-read paperback on-line for about five bucks these days. And you will get a much better version of the technique. After all, I am going from memory of 30 years ago! But even still, I find I don’t tend to worry about much, and I attribute some of that to the techniques I learned early on from this simple book.

Stay tuned (do they say that in blogs?) for developments on our building project and big move!


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