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Meet Chiropractor, Nutritionist, New Blogger, Dr. Rob Liguori….

  March 14, 2013

As our office launches our new blogging feature on the website, I think a good start is to introduce myself as I will be one of the regular bloggers. I have a strong passion for health care. When I use the term “health care”, I mean true health care, which is teaching people who are currently healthy to stay healthy. This is not to say that I do not spend a lot of my time treating people with injuries or those who already have a diagnosed illness. This is an important piece of being a health care provider because people do not want to be in pain or remain sick. However, I do look at the bigger picture and consider my patient as a whole person.

Quick_Fix_istockphoto_36394424Simply put, people who are on the track to disease have a difficult time reversing that process because their body has become damaged and cannot function efficiently. If this is the case, illness becomes difficult to fight off and injuries become long lasting, chronic conditions. When these issues emerge, many people choose the quick fix. For example, take a pill and the pain goes away or the blood pressure drops. However, it is important to note that the drug has only masked the real problem at hand and the true solution to fixing these issues is to make lifestyle changes that promote the health and healing of the body.

I realize I just went on a tangent. But truthfully, this is the philosophy I hold when it comes to health care and how I practice. A huge part of a Chiropractor’s job is to educate the public on how to live well and prevent disease. This is a major reason that I became a Chiropractor in the first place. We are living at a time when health care costs are on the rise and, despite spending $2 trillion dollars per year on health, Americans are becoming sicker. When you consider that Americans make up 5% of the world population and consume 50% of the world’s medications, drugs clearly aren’t doing the trick.

So, here I am today. I am a Chiropractor and now blogging this message out to you. In addition to getting my Doctor of Chiropractic degree, I also attained my Master of Clinical Nutrition degree to really round out my knowledge of living well. I also spend a lot of my time teaching patients about proper exercise and how to safely exercise for injury prevention. As I dive deeper into blogging, I plan to touch upon topics such as exercise and nutrition, not to mention Chiropractic care and what I do in my life to stay healthy. I hope you will tune in and spread this information to people in your life that you care about. Being informed is important and it is the first step in living and aging well.

- Dr. Rob Liguori

Chiropractor and Nutritionist


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