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Is Joint Pain Normal?

By Dr. Liguori  August 1, 2013

joint painAs a chiropractor, probably the most common problem I see with patients is joint pain. Whether it is an acute traumatic injury or a chronic issue like arthritis, joint dysfunction is what brings most people into the office. Chiropractors have an extensive education in joint pain, the causes, and how to treat it and at our office, we take multiple approaches in the treatment of joint pain, no matter the original cause. Beginning with the adjustment to enhance mobility and function of the joint, we also use techniques to improve the surrounding muscle function, exercise instruction to increase strength and stability, and nutrition to help support the body and healing from the inside out.

But isn’t joint pain normal? Aren’t joints supposed to become painful and arthritic simply because we become older? This is what most people do believe, but one of our goals at our office is to change that way of thinking. The body is an intelligent and complex system of processes and is constantly repairing and replacing old cells with new cells. As long as an individual takes care of their body and truly supports healing, then joints should last a lifetime. Even when looking at x-rays, we can actually see a broken down joint of the spine directly next to a joint that looks healthy and new. Those joints are the exact same age.

Taking a holistic approach to joint pain can get our patient's out of pain faster and more efficiently and improve the overall outcome. This is a major reason why we provide nutritional services in our office. In the case of joint pain and joint degeneration, we highly recommend the ChondroCare supplement by Metagenics. ChondroCare is an advanced joint support formula designed to help build and maintain healthy cartilage by supplying a high dose of glucosamine, chondroitin, and methylsulfonylmethane (MSM), the building blocks of cartilage. The idea behind taking ChondroCare, as well as any supplement, is to supply the body with higher levels of these compounds, making them more accessible for the body and improving efficiency. In the case of ChondroCare, we are looking to improve the efficiency of joint repair and resist degeneration. Take care of your joints and don’t let them continue down the road of degeneration and pain.

I do want to note that this product is NOT for those with shellfish allergies, as many of the compounds are derived from shellfish. Outside of that, it’s a very helpful product!


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