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Do You Suffer From Chronic Joint Pain?

By Dr. Rob Liguori  November 11, 2013

Do You Suffer From Chronic Joint Pain?


joint painA couple of weeks ago, I had the great opportunity to speak to a group of teachers at a local school. My lecture discussed joint health and what people can do nutritionally to keep their joints healthy and reduce joint pain. I began my speech challenging a common misconception: That as we age, our bodies are supposed to break down and degenerate. I challenged that age does not cause a body to break down, but rather environmental exposure as the culprit. Take skin damage and aging (also known as wrinkles) for example. Have you ever seen those individuals who go to great lengths to avoid sun exposure? They stay hidden under umbrellas or hats and constantly apply some type of sun blocking lotion to limit the damaging effects of UV rays to the skin. These people look decades younger than their actual age! Now, I am not condoning this specific behavior because there are also great health benefits to proper sun exposure. However, it is an excellent example of how the effects of aging can be greatly reduced simply by taking care of your body.

The same rule that applies to this example of skin damage applies to joint damage. If an individual lives a lifestyle that is damaging to their joints and does not do their part to support healthy joint maintenance, then they can surely anticipate joint degeneration and pain as they age. On the other hand, one who takes great care of their joints throughout their lifetime can expect great rewards. An important piece in taking care of your joints is through supportive nutrition and this is what I spoke about at my lecture. I discussed many aspects of a healthy diet, far too much to write into this short blog, but I can touch upon it a little. For those of you who are living with joint pain (and there are many of you), a fantastic herbal remedy is boswellia. Boswellia is a tree that grows primarily in Africa and Asia and is commonly known for its anti-inflammatory properties. More specifically, the boswellic acids within the plant help regulate the body’s production of inflammatory chemicals called leukotrienes, the contributing agents of pain. In regulating leukotriene production, pain generated in the body can be regulated as well. In so many cases of chronic pain, people become dependent on drugs such as Tylenol or Ibuprofen. This is unfortunate because these strong chemicals create a great demand on the liver and can be harmful to the body over time. A pain regulating herbal supplement, such as boswellia, can provide similar benefits without taxing the body.

At Brown Chiropractic, we recommend a boswellia complex supplement from Standard Process. This product is an all natural, organically grown supplement that provides not only boswellia, but turmeric, celery seed, and ginger for additional effect. The result is a safe and natural product that helps reduce joint pain, promote cartilage integrity, and provides anti-oxidant benefits. As you read this, if joint pain is a problem that you can relate to, then I highly recommend you consider this product. It is far better than developing a drug dependency on pain killers to keep you comfortable.


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