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"Before coming to Brown Chiropractic, I was in almost constant pain.  My lower back, hip and leg had pain that prevented me from doing the things I love, such as running, mountain biking, etc.  My sleep was severely impacted.  I have tried at home remedies, physical therapy, and other things.  None seemed to help.  Today, I'm so happy to be 95% pain free. I'm more flexible, stronger, and have felt so much better now that I'm sleeping. My overall health, mental and physical self has really benefited from my treatment.  I only regret I didn't come years ago!  Thank you!"  (R.W. October 2022)

"I had a high-speed car accident in 2018 which caused me to have 7 surgeries in a little over 2 years on my neck and lower/upper extremities.  I had physical therapy and my core body wasn't reacting well. I found Brown Chiropractic through Facebook and thought I would give them a try.  Front desk staff is amazing, friendly, and helpful. I have made amazing progress with Dr. deBethune.  He is professional, personable, informative and dedicated to getting me better.  I made significant progress and have gained much more flexibility and more steps each day with less pain and stiffness.  My physical therapists have noted my improvement with the Brown Chiropractic treatment.  I am continuing my once-a-week appointment to maintain my improved condition.  I am so appreciative of the work and the staff at Brown Chiropractic and highly recommend their services!"  (D.W.  October 2022)

"Wish I had found them years ago!  I have been driving to Portland for Chiropractors who were just fine.  I hurt my back pretty badly and a woman at my gym said to go see Dr. Andrew Wawra and he is the best!  I realized they are local so I booked immediately.  I got to say-he is the best!  First person to accurately diagnose that it is a hip issue, (which leads to a back issue), and I am making improvement and have an actual plan.  I am in so much less pain.  I really appreciate the amount of time he spends teaching me HOW to get back to normal and what specific aspects of health are related to what we are working on.  HIghtly recommend!"  (V.H. September 2022)

"My hips are in such better shape since I don't know when!  Thank you Dr. deBethune!"  (D. W. August 2022)

"I had a variety of annoying and at times temporarily debilitating symptoms when I began treatment.  Every single symptom has improved through treatment and some issues aren't occurring at all and others are not nearly as severe.  I feel so thankful for the positive changes and feel optimistic about feeling better in general!  (K.S. August 2022)

"I just wanted to thank Dr. Brown for everything!  The experience and professionalism was wonderful!  I was able to put clean linens on the bed and pillow cases with no difficulty or pain!  I was even able to bend for the dish liquid under the sink without pain and stand back up!" (L.A. July 2022)

"I love Brown Chiropractic!  My family sees Dr. Wawra there.  He's helped our family many times get back to healthy shape after injuries!  (C.A. June 2022)

"It's a great place.  Very good!"  (S.M. May 2022)

"Couldn't be more pleased.  Wish I would've made an appointment years ago.  Truly would recommend to anyone living with back, neck, or hip pain.  Dr. deBethune is the man!"  (J.K. December 2021)

"Dr. Wawra has been a joy to work with and has been able to identify and diagnose my back pain effectively.  I feel great and can't recommend him enough.  The staff is fabulous as well, very friendly and extremely helpful. Thanks!"  (C.P.  November 2021)

"It was a great experience!  This was only my first visit.  I look forward to learning more on my next visit.  The office was very welcoming and comfortable!"  (H.L. November 2021)

"I was so nervous!  It was my first visit in.  Everyone was so welcoming and explained all the procedures.  Thank you guys!"  (K. C. October 2021)

"Dr. Andrew deBethune is a very good listener, which makes him excellent in his field!  Since my treatment has started we have adjusted my plan a few times, and the practice is extremely accommodating making them worth a try.  If you need treatment or maintenance, I highly recommend looking into their office."  (D.E. October 2021)

"Before, it was hard to do my job along with live my normal life, due to upper back pain and chronic migraines.  Then I got into a car accident that worsened my previous symptoms and caused bad low back pain.  I was unhappy due to chronic pain and found it hard to enjoy things that previously brought me joy.  Now, I sleep through the night, can lift heavy objects at my job, and have a social life without dreading the aches and sharp pains I felt before.  I feel like a new person!"  (M.C.  October 2021)

"Before coming to Brown Chiropractic, I had chronic lower back pain that had been going on for years.  I had seen doctors, done PT, seen other chiropractors, and nothing improved.  Dr. deBethune actually gave me relief.  My back is not bothering me constantly, and I've been able to adjust at the gym without pain.  I am also strengthening my chore and breathing into my belly!  I am able to squat deeper and feel stability during workouts."  (R.H. October 2021)

"Dr. Andrew Wawra lessened my pain in knee and hip and instructed me as to further lessen pain.  Great service and treatment!"  (S.J. October 2021)

"I have been going to Brown Chiropractic fo a while now, and they are great!  The staff is always polite, friendly, and helpful.  Dr. Steve Siu is great.  When I started going, I had many issues.  Aches and pains from my neck down to my feet.  Now, I am pretty much pain.free.  I can work in my gardens, kayak, play with my dogs, and take long walks.  I can do all the things I enjoy doing and not hour while doing them.  I highly recommend them.  (K.D.  September 2021)

"Before treatment, I had near constant pain in my low back and hip.  While I still have pain, it is significantly less often.  The chiropractic care and exercises have been working.  I appreciate Dr. deBethune's focus on how I am doing in very specific ways each time he sees me.  (D.K. September 2021)

"I came here in hopes of finding better ways of improving my life, which I have done.  I am now trying to lose weight!"  ( I.J. September 2021)

"I had a great first visit: the support staff was friendly and helpful and Dr. deBethune listened to my concerns attentively, employing his expertise thoroughly to help me identify the source of my pain.  I'm looking forward to regularly visiting Brown Chiropractic for my regular chiropractic needs/health/check-up."  (C.J. September 2021)

"Incredibly professional practice where no stone is left unturned.  I would recommend. (G.R. September 2021)

"The ambiance at Brown Chiropractic is always good and positive.  The people who work here - both staff and doctors (Go Dr. Steve!!), are very welcoming and warm.  So 3 cheers for Brown Chiropractic!" (Jim August 2021)

"After being told I needed surgery, I decided to go get a second, their and 4th opinion.  Thanks to Dr. deBethune, I am doing better than expected and may not need the surgery.  Great staff and very knowledgeable." (P.M. August 2021)  

"The team here is awesome!.  The office team made sure that my appointments met my schedule and always took care of my needs.  Dr. Steve is top-notch and put me at ease and solved my pain issues very quickly.  Every week I get stronger and feeling better."  (D.A. June 2021)

"When I first came in, I had great difficulty moving my neck sideways and up and down as well.  My shoulders were also giving my pain.  After treatment, I now have improved movement. My sleep is not as interrupted as before and I have a lot more energy."  (G.V. May 2021)

"Staff are so friendly and Professional!  When I first came in to see Dr. deBethune, I was in so much pain after being in the emergency room at Maine Medical.  He worked his magic and week by week, I got better and better.  I own my good health to Dr. Andrew.  He is amazing!"  (W.T.  May 2021)

"When I first came in, I had great difficulty with moving my neck sideways and up and down as well.  My shoulders were also giving me pain.  I now have improved movement.  My sleep is not as interrupted as before and I have a lot more energy."  (G.V. May 2021)

"I came to see Dr. Brown because I was having significant knee pain and was having trouble completing multi-mile walks.  After a"Pain in my neck, back, knees and other joints, brought me to seek chiropractic care.  On the recommendation of my wife, I came to Brown Chiropractic. These pains had accumulated over years of masonry labor.  I now feel as good as I ever have.  I didn't expect to feel so well-balanced, and have such a reduction in pain.  I am thankful for the expert care I receive here."  (N.V. February 2021)

"I work out 4-6 times per week and usually beat my body pretty badly.  Since starting treatment with Brown Chiropractic and Dr. deBethune, I've been able to actually improve on many things while holding steady."  (E.R. February 2021)

"Before chiropractic treatment, I had a history of pulling muscles, popping ribs out of my sternum, and back injuries while working out for the past 10+ years.  It was found that my core was very weak, and I was breathing improperly.  Dr. deBethune and Dr. Brady worked with me for 3 months and retrained my mind and body how to breathe, stand, and absorb weight during weight lifting workouts.  I have been lifting for 3 months, with zero injury.  I never knew these small things could affect my body so deeply." (M.G. February 2021)

"My life before Chiropractic Care was very limited due to chronic pain, lack of mobility and overall peace of mind.  Since being in the care of Brown Chiropractic, my life has improved tremendously.  I have more mobility and experience less pain.  I can get out of bed with no discomfort!  Thank you!  (P.R. January 2021)

"I have had neck, shoulder, and low back pain for 15-20 years.  My mid-back area would also be involved at times.  I have been much more comfortable most of the time.  I can work out of any issues that arise.  I no longer have a deep tissue massage on a weekly basis.  I will have a chair massage on occasion.  So, I am very pleased with my progress."  (D.D. December 2020)

"For the first time in months, I am pain free.  I am able to run, workout, sleep and move around better.  I have more range of motion.  Overall, so much better!"  (J.B. November 2020)

"Prior to care, I thought I was really healthy and doing great.  I had some pain in my neck and back but did pretty much what I wanted.  Now after treatment, I feel even better.  My body moves better and feels stronger.  I haven't experienced any migraines since beginning treatment.  I feel as though I am functioning better physically, emotionally, and mentally."  (F.H. November 2020)

"I've been going for about 2 months now for my scoliosis and headaches.  I feel much more relief after my appointments.  I have been able to sleep better without waking up to back pain.  Thank you!"  (A.T. October 2020)

"Dr. Steve has helped me tremendously in a short time with my chronic pain.  I have had chronic back pain for three years and profound neck issues since 2018.  My pain started to limit my daily life.  After coming to Brown Chiropractic, I have had major improvements in my pain giving me comfort knowing I can do the activities I want to."  (B.B. October 2020)

"I have been having pain in neck/shoulder on left side and through consultation and treatment from Brown Chiropractic, I learned the likely root causes, treatment trajectory, and personal steps I can take to address my condition to live a pain free lifestyle and wellness strategy to support that.  (D.N. September 2020)

"The biggest improvement I have noticed during chiropractic care is the reduction in my hip pain from pregnancy.  The pain started early in my first trimester and was getting worse.  Being in my 3rd trimester the pain is reduced, and I am able to move around my day-to-day activities.  I have not been getting headaches from tense muscles in my neck and shoulders as well."  (D.P. September 2020)  

"I've accumulated a variety of injuries over the years through sports and bad posture.  Dr. deBethune has given me the treatment and specifically tailored exercises necessary to improve my body mechanics and chronic pain.  It is a continual process, but I feel I am correcting years of misuse."  (R.H. September 2020)

"I was very impressed with the thoroughness of care that I received at Brown Chiropractic.  They made treatments into a learning experience of what my body's needs were and how changes can help my overall wellness." (I.B. August 2020)

"Before treatment, my neck pain was terrible, and I was getting terrible headaches.  Now, I feel much better.  No more tension headaches and bad pain.  I also learned how to re-train myself to stand which has caused my back and hip pain to get better, since I was tilting my pelvis back too much as opposed to a more relaxed position.  I also learned how to train myself to fix the way my upper body posture was and to tilt forward instead of up back too far.  This has helped my overall posture.  I also learned the importance of core exercises which I'll continue to do."  (A.G. July 2020)

"Before starting treatment, I had extreme nerve pain radiating from my back down to my legs.  I have seen HUGE changes from then to now and I have no more nerve pain.  I also have more range of motion, which I didn't realize was a problem at first.  My posture is better.  I have more strength, and get less frequent headaches.  I am also getting results from the scar tissue treatment!  Overall, a HUGE improvement!" (J.B. July 2020)

"Before beginning treatment, I was constantly hurting and sluggish.  Since then, I've noticed a tremendous increase in energy, better sleep, no more pain, and an increase in overall health." (P.C. July 2020)

"Before treatment, my health was prone to negative fluctuations.  After regular treatment, I have noticed my overall health has greatly improved.  Nothing is perfect, but everything is certainly better than it was, and I feel more dedicated to maintaining and continuing to improve my health."  (I.D. July 2020)

"I began to have problems with my left hip and was unable to stand upright or walk normally.  Brown Chiropractic gave me more range of motion immediately.  They listened to all input that I could give them and tried many angles based on that input.  Self-help support was excellent with structural and muscular skeletal type exercises for strength and long term health."  Dr. deBethune rocks! (J.E. July 2020)

"I am so happy with my treatment at Brown Chiropractic and Dr. Steve.  I had several raving reviews about him, so when I relocated to this area and needed treatment, there were no questions to whom I would call.  I now fall into line with the others who speak highly of this practice and Dr. Steve.  (M.C. March 2020)

 "Recently, I went through shoulder replacement surgeries.  After success with a different surgeon, I started PT and OT for several months.  Pt focused on improving range of motion and strength.  However, I was having an issue regarding balance and I knew my posture was different.  These factors caused pain in various areas of my body.  After trying chiropractors in the past with no success, I was hesitant when a friend of mine recommended Brown Chiropractic with Dr. Siu.  I finally made an appointment.  The best decision I ever made.  When Dr. Steve aligned my back the first time, I had a near nirvana experience.  No pain and peace!  I continue to see a decrease in pain and an increase in well-being.  The office staff are phenomenal.  Very knowledgeable and always willing to work with you to make it happen!  Two thumbs up and highly recommend! (K.N.  March 2020) 

"I came to the office seeking relief from moderate back pain and have noticed a lot of improvement with lessening pain and fewer spasms.  My mobility feels much better as does my posture and improvement in sleep.  I hope for more success."  (C.W. February 2020)

 "I have been getting chiropractic care for many years.  When my wife and I moved back to Maine, we were looking for a new chiropractor.  Dr. deBethune came to my work place via our health and wellness team.  After just 15 minutes with him, I knew I wanted to follow up with Brown Chiropractic.  Dr. deBethune has shown me and taught me so much more than any other chiropractor I have seen before.  My results have been far more noticeable in a short period of time.  My back pain and hip pain are reduced significantly and I have learned how I can help myself daily with a few exercises and attention to posture."  (A.B. February 2020)

 "I was having problems with my Achilles and shoulder.  All around, I felt stiff and needed some stretching.  After each adjustment, I felt much better.  At this point, my Achilles has very little pain.  The stretches that I were given have been very beneficial and practical to continue on a regular basis.  I find myself adjusting my posture daily and incorporate the tips Dr. deBethune has given me.  It was interesting to look at the computer graphs as well.  The office staff is great and I highly recommend Brown Chiropractic.  (A.S. February 2020)

 "I came to Brown Chiropractic to treat neck pain and stiffness that had been affecting me for over two years.  Eventually, the problem spread to my left shoulder, arm, and occasionally my leg.  The care I've received here has had a tremendous positive effect.  I now rarely have the symptoms that brought me here.  I've learned a great deal about chiropractic and my body and I have an array of exercises to help me with self care in the future.  My posture, with attention and practice has improved and I'm committed to continuing to adjust it according to what I've learned!" (WW, February 2020)

 "I was really hesitant about chiropractic care.  After years of pain, I thought "It can't hurt to try!"  After my first visit, I already could notice a positive change and relief.  I was finally feeling hopeful after so many years of pain.  Try it!  Brown Chiropractic has been amazing and so accommodating.  I'll be back! (L.M. January 2020)

 "Before getting treatment, my low back, shoulders, and neck area hurt constantly and interfered with work and caused me to lose hours of sleep.  After chiropractic care, my pain is gone, work is great, and sleep is amazing!"  (R.R. January 2020)

 "I started chiropractic care due to back issues about 10 years ago.  At that time, I could barely walk.  Adding adjustments to my overall health routine, got me walking again without pain and almost zero percent relapse.  My posture improved along with digestion and I rarely get sick these days.  It is a great addition to my routine." J.G. December 2019)

 "Before attending chiropractic care, I suffered from headaches at a severe level almost everyday.  I had these headaches for around 2-3 years.  It became an issue that was getting in the way of school work and my social life.   Having to rely on Advil and Tylenol constantly was not a fun task.  I went to numerous doctor appointments before coming to a chiropractor.  I have been attending chiropractic care for a couple of months and have clearly noticed a change in my headaches.  I had tried birth control, medications, and vitamins to try and solve these headaches.  Chiropractic care has truly made the biggest difference.  While I still have the occassional headache, I do not feel as though they impact my life as much.  These appointments have increased my athletic ability in volleyball and have definitely helped me improve my skills.  (O.W. December 2019)

"Prior to my first visit, I was experiencing a nagging neck pain which impacted my daily activities and sleep.  This concern has been alleviated and I now have exercises to keep my body well.  I will continue to keep chiropractic care as part of my preventative and restorative practice.  The staff is exceptional!"  (M.L. December 2019)

 "Before my treatment/care plan was set in place, I experienced consistent lower back pain and sternum discomfort.  My first visit to Brown Chiropractic was scheduled due to a rib dislocation.  Of course, my rib discomfort/pain was addressed, but I am extremely pleased to feel "lighter."  I have seen an increase in my energy and ability to manage stress.  It is not just an adjustment at Brown Chiropractic., It's an educational process that provides patients with the tools to sustain a healthy lifestyle.  Thank you!"  (B.S. December 2019)

 "After trying physical therapy, massage therapy,, and OTC medicine, my neck pain finally brought me to the chiropractor.  What an amazing change over the past 6 months of treatment!  Not only has my neck pain dissipated, but my posture, hip pain and lower back pain has improved immensely."  (C. F. December 2019)

 "After trying physical therapy, massage therapy, and over the counter medicines, my neck pain finally brought me to the chiropractor.  What an amazing change over the past 6 weeks of treatment!  Not only has my neck pain dissipated, but my posture, hip pain, and lower back pain has improved emmensely." (C.F. December 2019)

 "When I first came, I was in alot of pain in my neck, face, back, hips, and left leg. Aso, I was experiencing headaches.  I was diagnosed with trigeminal neuralgia.  After treatments, I have been relieved of the trigeminal neuralgia and the pain in my hips. My left leg and my back is very much improved!.  My sleep has improved greatly as well as my concentration."  (G.T. December 2019)

"Before getting chiropractic treatment, I had a constant ache and feeling of tightness between my shoulder blades and periodic neck pains and lower back pains.  Since treatment, I no longer experience these aches and pains and am much more comfortable during my day to day activities.  (A.N. November 2019)

 "Before I started treatment, I had trigiminal neuralgia, sciatica, daily headaches, lower back pain and pain in both buttocks.  After a few treatments on my neck, especially my atlas, my trigiminal neuralgia stopped.  It has not returned.  My lower back pain has lessened.  The sciatica has stopped.  Only occasionally do I still have leg pains.  Before I went for chiropractic care, I did a few months of physical therapy and that was when my buttocks pain and sciatica started.  It was severe.  I still have some buttock pain, but not at all like I had when I started with Dr. Rebecca Brown."  (G.T. October 2019)

 "I have worked with Dr. Andrew deBethune for a couple of years now.  I served in the U.S. Army and my body definitely took the brunt of it during my time in the service.  Andrew took the time to not only adjust my body, but he also helped me with how I use my body everyday!  Dr. deBethune taught me how to use my body properly in the ways of movement and simply just being.  This affected every aspect of my life.  It increased my strength and overall well-being.  The postural challenges I unconsciously suffered from were adjusted over time to the point where I have a new body.  I can now use the full potential of my body and accomplish more in my life.  I am super grateful of my time working with Dr. Andrew deBethune and the crew there at Brown Chiropractic!  (E.H. October 2019)

"Before treatment, I had chronic upper back pain.  Since then, I've noticed better posture, increased energy, and have been more productive at work."  (P.A. October 2019)

 "I was having severe lower back  pain.  After a couple of months of care, I'm feeling better in the morning.  I'm working on maintaining now, and improving other areas of my health that I had been neglecting after 40 years of no chiropractic care. I appreciate not just the care, but the perspective the care has given me on my overall health.  (D.E. September 2019)

 "I was first referred to chiropractic by my primary care doctor because I had had two weeks of a "stiff" neck and continuous headaches.  She felt it was arthritis in my neck and that I would benefit.  She was correct.  Within a few visits, my headaches were resolved, the painful "stiff" neck was no longer painful.  (S.B. September 2019)

 "I have had lower and upper back discomfort for many years.  I have had chiropractic treatments once for a year before coming to Brown Chiropractic.  Sitting and standing was frequently very painful. Since my treatments, my posture is much improved.  I can walk more without pain and I rarely take pain medications of any kind.  Also, I have very few headaches and neck discomfort."  (S.T. September 2019)

 "When I hurt my back in July, the pain was severe and it affected every activity in my life in the moment.  I called Brown Chiropractic on a Monday morning and was scheduled to be seen that same day.  Being able to initiate care immediately was such a relief.  I was able to schedule appointments that were convenient for my schedule and I could tell that everyone in the office was here to help me get better.  My treatments have continued and I now feel even better than I felt before the event that brought me here to begin with.:  (E.H. August 2019)

 "Before seeing Dr. Brown and her staff, I was suffering from a myriad of issues; shoulder pain and weakness, lower back pain, knee pain, and headaches.  After a month or two of appointments with Dr. Brown, Dr. deBethune, and Dr. Wawra, I now have almost NO shoulder pain in my left shoulder and can sleep better because of this.  My headaches have decreased tenfold, and my lower back and knees have seemed to be working with me rather than being an area tha I would worry about when exercising or participating in sports.  I feel healthier, more confident, and have an overall more positve view of my own self image due to how I feel based on the knowledge and well-being I have gained from Dr. Brown and her staff.  (J.M. August 2019)

 "I came for wellness care because of a very painful right shoulder and neck pain.  My pain was severe, but as my treatments continued, I realized my pain was going away.  After 8 weeks, I can say:  "What a relief!"  The pain is gone and I realize the strength in my arm is getting so much better.  I recommend chiropractic care very highly!  Thanks to Dr. Brown and Dr. deBethune for their knowledge of chiropractic care of the human body.   I would happily return if I should have any further problems."  (M.R. August 2019)

 "I was experiencing tightness in my neck, hip pain, and issues with golfing.  Feeling much better since treatments.  Hip pain just about gone and neck feels better.  I am able to swing much more fluidly when golfing,.  Yardage off the tee has increased and putting has improved since hips feel better." (M.L.  August 2019)

 "Before treatment, I thought I was fairly healthy and strong.  My only complaint was some knitten wrist!  But, after treatment, I can finally breathe!!  I never knew how shallow my breaths were before.  My whole body feels centered now, instead of twisted to the right from a previous trauma.  My posture feels strong and steady now!  Overall, I've never felt stronger or more ready to take on the school year!" (H.R. August 2019)

 "I have been very impressed and thankful with Dr. Andrew deBethune.  He listens well, tries a variety of techniques, and lets me decide which works best for me.  He also gives me simple exercises to work on that I can use at home or the gym."  (D.D.  August 2019)

 "My lower back was very inflamed and very uncomfortable.  Sitting, standing and sleeping was painful.  I have had pain for years.  Once I started at Brown Chiropractic, my back and neck have been improved.  I am able to do much more activity without pain.  Quality of life is much better."  (D.S. August 2019)

"Since starting a desk job about a year and a half ago, I had been getting increasing headaches, neck pain, and numbness in my hands despite having an ergonomic evaluation for my workspace.  Since starting treatment, I've seen vast improvement, and most improtantly, I've gained the tools necessary to learn why my muscles were compensating the way that they were.  I look forward to continuing down the road to wellness and improving my habits."  (K.R. August 2019)

"My original visit and complaints were because of neck and shoulder pain.  My neck and shoulder are feeling so much better!  An unexpected surprise and benefit was no more sinus headaches.  I've had 2-4 headaches a week and some so bad that they would keep me home from work and in bed.  I hadn't had one sinus headache since starting my adjustments.  This has surprised myself and my husband who is now seeing a chiropractor for his complaints of neck and back issues."(L.L. August 2019)

 "I sought chiropractic treatment after meeting Dr. Andrew Wawra at a community event and realized he could alleviate discomfort and pain that I was experiencing.  I have struggled with migrianes/severe headaches and issues with my right hip/glute for at least a few years.  I have found treatment to be extremely effective and have had less migraines and issues with my hip.  I appreciate his feedback at each session, education, and seeing the homework I receive.  It has also improved my sleep, energy, and mood. Many thanks to the group, expecially Dr. Andrew Wawra."  (T.M. August 2019)

 "I had been in a car accident in March of 2018.  I had severe neck pain into my arm and tingling in my hand.  I tried medication, acupuncture, epidural steroid injections, physical therapy, and traction.  Nothing really helped.  Since coming to see Dr. Steve, my pain and the numbness and tingling is gone!  I can also easily turn my head to both sides which was extremely limited since the surgery.  I'm able to sleep better.  My concentration is improved, and I feel like myself again.  I can't thank Dr. Steve and the amazing staff at Brown Chiropractic enough for helping me get back to myself again!"  (J.A. August 2019)

 "My primary complaint was neck pain.  Dr. Andrew deBethune has gone great lengths to educate and work with me in addition to regular adjustments to get me back on the right path.I rate him 10 out of 10 and would definitely recommend Dr. deBethune and Brown Chiropractic!"  (J.B. August 2019)

 "I've been seeing chiropractors for decades.  I truly believe in the many benefits of chiropractic care.  Previously, I had seen my doctor for adjustments when I had flare ups.  Since starting this wellness journey with Dr. deBethune, I've noticed much more improvement.  I hadn't had mechanical adjustments before and have found them very helpful.  I fully plan to continue my care here.  Brown Chiropractic is a much more inclusive Wellness Center than I've ever experienced before.  Dr. deBethune is a wonderful doctor.  I highly recommend him and Brown Chiropractic without reservation."  (H.T. August 2019) 

 "I was a care giver for many years.  After my husband died last year, it was time to take care of myself.  I started with chiropractic.  I had to pull myself up the stairs.  Now, I can walk up the stairs easily.  Chiropractic has gotten me back to a full range of motion after a fall that sprained my neck.  Brown Chirpractic has been great to work with and they listen to me and have brought me to a level of good health that I have not had for years."  (R.W. July 2019)

 "My shoulder and arm were experiencing extreme pain.  My 3 fingers were numb.  I could not move without pain.  I have had treatment and regular appointments with Dr. Steve and I feel amazing!"  (E.K. July 2019)

 "I first was made aware of chiropractic care through a staff appreciation at our school for a free massage.  I had been having neck pain on one side for over a month and when I spoke to the Doctor about it seeming to be getting worse, he suggested that I come in and see if I could get into the road to recovery.  I have been coming for regular treatments for well over a month and I am pleased to say my neck pain is much better.  I am now well aware as to how helpful chiropractic care can help and will continue to come."  (K.C. July 2019)

 "I came to Dr. deBethune because my employer had gotten such good results from his work with him.  I'm glad I came too.  For a few years now, I've been dealing with pins and needles, painful muscle tightness, and aching back.  I've been to multiple chiropractors, but what I appreciated about Dr. deBethune is that he really educated me on how to change my daily movements in order to do my very physical job without having negative symptoms.  I appreciate the very customized care and well-thought out treatment plan.  Now I am able to exercise and do my job without regretting it after!"  (C.R. July 2019)

 "Everyone here is super nice and helpful!  Before, I had a foot weakness and foot drop.  After, I had less foot weakness and less foot drop.  I am slowly returning to normal.  (G.M. July 2019)

 "I met Dr. deBethune at Planet Fitness.  We discussed my issues with my lower back and neck.  I've had chiropractic care off and on for 50 years or so with varying degrees of success.  I made an evaluation appointment with him.  After our initial visit, I decided to continue with care.  He not only improved the back and neck discomfort and flexibility, he showed me how to maintain the progress we made by exercise and stretching movements.   That was something I received from him but no other healthcare provider had gifted me that.  (R.B. May 2019)

 "Working in healthcare the last 20 years had formed some damaging postural habits and I have been deling with nagging aches and pains for years.  Seeing Dr. deBethune has made me as close to pain free as I can remember.  I really appreciate how he gives me things to work on during my daily routine.  Very holistic.  (S.A. May 2019)

 "I started chiropractic care with low back pain, neck pain, and hip pain.  My doctor not only helped the pain, but also taught me to understand how my body works so that I can prevent the pain from returning.  Through chiropractic care, I was also able to learnn proper form for running and I am looking forward to an injury free running and training season.  (J.W. May 2019)

 "When I first started coming to Brown Chirpractic, I felt sluggish, sore and not myself. Over time, getting adjsutments, i have slowly become more energetic and happy with my progress.  PLUS, my pain is being managed!  Chiro is GREAT!  (H.D. May 2019)

 "Before coming in, I had chronic neck and shoulder pain.  I was so used to the pain that I wasn't aware of how bad it really was.  I noticed a huge difference within my first few visits.  Since my first visit, 2/1/2 months ago, not only do I no longer experience neck and shoulder pain, but I've noticed other improvements as well in my sleep and I no longer need to take Prilosec daily for hearburn/indigestion.  Dr. deBethune has been great!  He created a personalized plan for me that included what I needed to work on to prevent my issues from coming back!" (H. H.  April 2019)

 "Before:  I have always been fit and active and have found ways to adapt to challenges.  These adaptations often result in small injuries that slow my progress and force me to take over the counter pain medications.  My first visit resulted from over training.  After:  This process has taught me more about understanding my functional motor breathing and position.  It has given me both immediate action steps and pathways to heal, as well as long term goals and project to better use my body."  (J.H. April 2019)

"Dr. deBethune was at another office and did wonders with my hips which had been a problem for years.  My overall strength has improved.  No more plantar fascitis!  So, I followed him to Brown Chiropractic.  Their office is very caring and interested in your well-being."  (M.W. April 2019)

 "Before starting chiropractic treatment at Brown Chiropractic, I was skeptical of the process.  I had been to other chiropractors with little or no results.  After being here for over a month, I can now say that my well-being is better than before, and I am a believer in the chiropractic process.  Not only has Brown Chiropractic helped with my back and shoulder pain, they've helped teach me how to prevent future pain and stay healthy!  (R.I.  April 2019)

 "Dr. deBethune has been a great doctor and has helped get my body into a better state and give me better tips on how to maintain the right movements and health.  I greatly appreciate his help and will continue to see him."  (R.M. April 2019)

 "I came in with left mid to lower back pain for about 1-2 years and worked with Dr. deBethune who not only helped rotate my back to be more aligned, but helped me focus more on how to activate my core and use proper form at the gym.  I wake up significantly less stiff in the morning than I used to and I don't have the back pain anymore.  What impressed me and what I appreciated the most was the therapeutic exercises as it gave me something to work on at home and helped me focus on good form at the gym.  Overall, coming here has been very beneficial for my daily life, job, and at the gym.  Thank you!" (K.B. March 2019)

 "Before coming, my back and hip were really painful.  I had a hard time walking any distance.  Now my pain is much less.  My sleeping is much improved.  I now go to sleep quickly and stay asleep!  My digestion is much better."  (B.M. March 2019)

 "I woke up one day with sharp, crippling neck pains.  I couldn't move my head and had difficulty with day to day tasks.  The pain persisted for days and I began to lose sleep. After one visit adjustment and muscle therapy, I experienced almost complete relief.  Each adjustment afterwards brought me back to feeling normal and pain free."  (P.D. March 2019)

 "I learned that much of the discomfort that I had been feeling can be readily prevented by a simple combination of adjustments, exercises, and small postural changes.  Now I have the tools to live and work comfortably."  (D.V. March 2019)

 "I have had issues with my left foot and left leg when walking.  They both burn and I am in pain.  I love to walk.  The doctors at Brown Chiropractic have worked on this and other stress areas of my neck and back.  I still walk and the pain seems to be lessening. The more I coninuously visit, the better I feel.  Thank you for your help!"  (K.H.  February 2019)

 "The doctors and staff at Brown Chiropractic are diligant, on time, and give expert care.  After failed attempts elsewhere, I have received positive results and efforts to keep me aligned have worked.  I am very happy with the outcome."  (D.J. February 2019)

 "I've skied since I was 5 years old and from the time I was in high school to recently (30+ years), I've had knee pain after a day of skiing.  This is the first year since high school, thanks to regular adjustments by Dr. Steve Siu that I haven't had knee pain after skiing.  I skied four Saturdays in a row and not once was I limping up and down the stairs after a day on the slopes!  Because of my regular adjustments, I was able to put all my weight on both knees.  That is something I haven't been able to do after skiing in over 30 years!  Thank you Dr. Steve!" (K.B. February 2019)

  "I woke up one day with sharp, crippling, neck pain.  I couldn't move my head and had difficutly with day to day tasks.  The pain persisted for days and I began to lose sleep.  After one visit, an adjustment, and muscle therapy, I experienced almost complete relief.  Each adjustment afterwards brought me back to feeling normal and pain free." (P.D. Februrary 2019)

 "I came to Brown Chiropractic seeking a different approach to managing migraines and neck / shoulder pain.  Over time, I have been able to better manage my stress related tension by having a deeper understanding of what proper alignment should feel like.  My migraines have been reduced and a variety of other symptoms like dizziness, sleep issues, and posture have improved as well."  (B.D. January 2019)

 "I came to Brown Chiropractic about 6 weeks ago with long term problems with my back and neck.  After the last back injury from playing hockey, I could barely move and was in much pain.  Today I feel like a different person.  I feel like I just got younger by 10 years.  I am able to work, play sports, and enjoy life like I have not in the last couple of years.  I now have a more positive attitude, increased energy, and overall happines.  I wish I had started treatment earlier."  (K.N. January 2019)

"When I came back to Brown Chiropractic, I could barely stand without severe pain.  I was having severe headaches daily.  I couldn't sleep at night due tp the inability to find a comfortable position.  In just a few short weeks, I can do anything without pain.  I am able to get back on the treadmill to walk and run again without pain.  I am sleeping again!  I feel great and happy again.  No more Ibuprofen on a daily basis!  I haven't needed it in weeks.  My headaches are gone!!  I can't say enough about Dr. Steve and the whole team!  Thank you!"  (A.K. January 2019)


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