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Biggest Energy Zapper

Your Weekly Wellness Minute

How can I keep my neck and shoulders from getting tight and sore while driving?

Join us for another Weekly Wellness Minute!

Easiest way to reduce fatigue.

It's Time for Another Weekly Wellness Minute

How to sleep more soundly tonight.

And now for your Weekly Wellness Minute...

How can I stop that annoying numbness or tingling in my fingers?

Check out our this week's Weekly Wellness Minute!

How do I stop painful Muscle Spasms?

It's time for another Weekly Wellness Minute!

Why do my neck and shoulders get tense from walking or running?

This week's Weekly Wellness Minute!

Intro to Social Media

Check out our first Weekly Wellness Minute!!


How can I increase my energy in 1 minute?

You Will Thrive Longer! Check out this video to find out how.


Strategies for Dealing with Stress - part 2

New Office Under Constructions

Hi everyone. We are well on our way to completing our new office. Check out the photos - isn't it beautiful?!

Overseeing the build out of 2 spaces at once (one for Brown Chiropractic, one to lease), as well as getting my husband situated in a third, has been a little busy - but not stressful (ha ha, LOL, :-) - depending on your generation)! So, I am ready to continue my stress blog and share my favorite stress reducing activities with you.

Merry Christmas!

Did you see the video we sent out on Christmas? Check it out below!

Brown Chiropractic - New Office Coming Soon and Some Strategies for Dealing with Stress

50-FFD-Picture-FlowersAs some of you may know already, we have just purchased a beautiful new building on the Royal River right here in Yarmouth. So, I figured this would be a great time to start a blog on stress! … and the techniques I use to manage it. Yes, even very positive change can trigger a stress response. You can follow my blogs for the progression of my journey to create for you a warm, inviting, and inspiring space, to support your progression toward the most optimal health!

As you might imagine, there has been a lot to do. Even before the purchase, a lot of curve balls were thrown at us. My husband, John Connolly, and I started negotiations in March, and didn’t complete the purchase until just before Thanksgiving! Ultimately, John’s firm, Connolly Financial Services, will occupy most of the first floor of the building. Brown Chiropractic will occupy most of the second floor - with the river views!

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